Guest Blog……Bali Hai

My friend Gail is off the internet grid this week on some river in a part of the world that, well I’m not quite sure where she is. She’s a pretty amazing millennial. Earlier this year I watched her transformation as she prepared for her new life of traveling about the world. She sold all her stuff, lost lots of weight, packed what I would consider a tiny bag, wore a pair a hiking sandals and took one pair of flip flops for the shower (I’m not kidding; we discussed it.), bought a one way ticket to Bali, and she was gone.  Here’s the beautiful tribute she wrote Bali a few days ago just before she was to leave there. But before she left, a volcano erupted and she and thousands of others were stranded in the country. Gail’s VISA expired and she was somewhat of a person non-gratis for a few days.  But by the time you read this letter, she should have moved on….whereabouts unknown.  Don’t you just hate it when an erupting volcano cancels your flight out of Bali?



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