March Madness



March is probably the craziest month of the year.  There are many reasons why.

1. It came in like a lion.


2.  American soldier and politician Sam Houston (1793-1863) was born on the 2nd in Virginia. He later served as Congressman and Governor of Tennessee.  In 1832, he became commander of the Texas army in the War for Texas Independence, defeating the larger Mexican army in 1836 at the Battle of San Jacinto.  He then served as Senator and Governor of the new state of Texas but was removed in 1861 after refusing to swear allegiance the Confederacy.

PS  I went to Sam Houston Jr. High School and San Jacinto Church of Christ.  I was a real Texan!!

3.   In 1913 on the 3rd a women’s suffrage march in Washington D.C. was attacked by angry onlookers. Many of the 5,000 women participating were spat upon and struck in the face as a near riot ensued. Now that’s a crazy March march!

4.  I love the March hare, and

5.  The Madhatter of Alice in Wonderland: Beyond the Looking Glass.  It’s a crazy story.

6. Fort Alamo fell to Mexican troops on March 6, 1836, led by General Santa Anna.  All defenders were killed.  “Remember the Alamo” became a rallying cry for Texans who went on to defeat Santa Anna in the Battle of San Jacinto in April.

7.  On the 7th of March 1965, which came to be known as “Bloody Sunday,” 600 Civil Rights demonstrators began a march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. It remains one of the most famous marches in history.

7.  Peyton Manning retires from the NFL at almost the age of 39 while playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Huh? Not the Colts?  That IS crazy!

9.  March, my new kitten, and his siblings Valentine, February, and Pumpkin are wild & crazy! 😽😼😻😸

10.  March 10, 1862, the first issue of U.S. government paper money occurred as $5, $10, and $20 bills began circulation.  Now that was a crazy day!  But, at least it was backed by something!

11.  Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints are crazy good.

13.  Daylight savings time begins at 2 a.m.

14.  The Basketball Tournment IS March Madness, of course! 🏀

15. The Ides of March.  “Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar.”

16.  Spring break, baby!!

17.  Saint Patrick’s Day.☘

18. Green beer.

19. Leprechauns.

20. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox will arrive at 12:30 am EDT.

21.  Pisces.  In terms of personal relationships, March of 2016 will teach you that fanaticism is really bad.

22.  Aries.  Your energy may lead you to lock horns with your boss or colleagues as you have a very clear idea of how things should be done.

23. John Philip Sousa, is an American composer who revolutionized the march.

24.  The Sweet Sixteen.

25.  A raging fire erupted inside a garment factory in New York City in 1911 killing 123 young women and 23 men.  The tragedy spurred national interest in the rights of mostly immigrant workers who worked long hours, six or seven days a week, in poor conditions, for very low wages, about $5 a week.

26.  The Elite Eight.

27.  Easter Bunny visits leaving chocolate eggs in the sun.

27. The worst accident in the history of civil aviation occurred in 1977 when two Boeing 747’s collided on the ground in the Canary Islands resulting in 570 deaths.

28. More March madness occurred near Harrisburg, Pennsylvannia in 1979 at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant plant when an accident occurred in which uranium in the reactor core overheated due to the failure of a cooling valve. The accident resulted in the release of radioactive steam into the atmosphere, and created a storm of controversy over the necessity of and safety of nuclear power plants.

30.  A real March madness happened on this day in 1853 when Vincent Van Gogh was born. He often suffered from depression and mental illness throughout his life. He cut off his own ear, and later committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot.

30.  The Final four is in April?… Now that is madness!!

31.  I hope March 2016 goes out like a lamb.



March Madness

march pic


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