A trip to the DMV

I arrived at 7:45 am for an 8 am opening and was the 4th person in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This was the first time since 2012, when all the rules changed, that I’d had to renew my license.  Other than presenting my first born, I pretty much had to present everything else.

One passport, please. One social security card, please. If you don’t have those items, then one birth certificate, please (seriously?).   Several items proving current address. Oh, and of course current driver’s license.   My current driver’s license had an 18-year old picture on it.

Oh, those were the days. I had red hair; I’d only had red hair for six months total in my life (too hard to keep up) but it was captured on my driver’s license for 18 years!!

The TSA had a hard time with it. They would look up, look down; look up, look down; look up, look down; then they’d make about 47 marks with the yellow highlighter all over my Boarding Pass before telling me to have a good day and letting me go through the cattle gates.

So, as much as I dreaded the day when I’d be forced to get a new license, I was a little bit happy. At least now I will look like my picture.

Finally a gentleman came outside and yelled at the 15 or so of us in line. He told us to come inside. If we had pre-registered he would give us a ticket.  If not, we’d need to take a clipboard and fill out a two-page form before we could get our ticket.  Dang!  So it didn’t matter that I was 4th in line.  I was spirited away to the land of the clip boards.  I filled out the paperwork and got my ticket as fast as I could, B 106.

Fortunately it wasn’t long before B 106 was called to counter 9. The lady was very friendly.  She took about a two-second look at my passport and SSN card.  She never glanced at the dozen or so proofs of address I’d brought.  Egads.  All that preparation!

I leaned up against the pale blue wall and she snapped a picture. I was told I could smile if I wanted to; I did. Who wants a surly looking DL picture?  Especially when I’m going to have that picture for another 8+ years.  “5 years for $20 or 8 years for $32?”  I was asked.  “I’ll take 8 years,” I replied.  Anything to keep me out of the DL Bureau.  Then she said that unless something crazy happens in the meantime, I can renew by mail two times in a row.  Yee haw!   That’s what I love to hear!

By the time I left the Bureau at 8:25 am, all chairs were full; I’d guess about 40 or 50 people. I’m really glad I was there 15 minutes prior to opening.  Unless something wild and wooly happens, such as my wallet getting stolen, I’m good to go for another 18 years!  Wow!  I might not even be driving by then!

Do you have a DMV nightmare to tell? I consider my story a dream come true.  I was really scared. But it was easy peezy!



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