My forever friend

A friend is a friend forever

Once you have been my friend,

I cannot let you go

Even though you’ve long gone ‘round the bend.


You are in my memories, and you are in my heart

The time we spent together,

I cherish always

And love you forever and ever.


It could have been a decade ago, maybe more or less

When last I saw your face,

But you still make me smile

When I think upon your grace.


Our time together seemed so short

It was but for a season,

But God gave you to me

For a very special reason.


The gift you were to me

I carry in my soul,

You gave me the gift of you

And that helps make me whole.


I long to be with you again

Maybe I will be some special time,

Until then my friend

I wish you God’s speed;  His reason and rhyme.




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