Coca Cola Cake, Ice Cream, and Sweet Tea

I celebrated a particularly special birthday this week. It was my calendar-year birthday. I was born in 1958 and this year I turned 58.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a special calendar-year birthday; I’ve never heard of it. But it seems very special to me.

And so on this calendar-year birthday I asked my husband to take me to Cracker Barrel for lunch. It was Thursday, so the special was turkey and dressing. I ate less than half of it, boxed it up for dinner, and ordered Coca Cola Cake and ice cream. It just seemed like the thing to do for my calendar-year birthday. Β I quickly went into sugar shock because the cake was so rich, along with the ice cream, and sweet tea. Oh well. The part I ate was yummy and memorable.

I went shopping in the gift shop and bought myself some gardening clogs @50% off even though I never garden. But I am sure I will find plenty of excuses to wear them. They are just cute, the only pair left, and totally my size.image

Some birthdays are special just because they are. It doesn’t really matter what you do or what you get. It’s about who you’re with and how you feel.

When is/was your calendar-year birthday? Do you remember how you celebrated? Β If it hasn’t occurred yet you can plan a really special time like I did.

I hope all your birthdays are special. They really should be. God has given you one more year.

My husband woke me up the day after my birthday with a soft, “Good Morning! You’re almost 59.”




8 thoughts on “Coca Cola Cake, Ice Cream, and Sweet Tea

  1. I never thought about a calendar birthday. I remember being excited about being 26 on the 26 and doing 52 new things the year I turned 52. That was a challenge!
    Happy Birthday. I like the shoes, walk proud in them πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, I like the idea of doing 52 new things…..since I turned 58 this year all I can say is l should have done that one a few years ago! Haha. Seriously, there are still lots of new things yet to do!


      1. I drove ppl crazy at work with my idea. I took in hoola hoops one day and the big boss tried it! Best moment ever, didn’t realize he had a personality. I wore bright pink lip stick, now that was an eye catcher of a day. It’s not so easy coming up with ideas but, it turns out fun at the end of a day.


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