Retirement Guilt

In a few days I’ll have been retired for three months. I find myself feeling guilty a lot. I haven’t accomplished as much as I think I should have.

My husband keeps telling me I’m new at this. I need to relax and enjoy it. So far I have enjoyed it tremendously, but I still feel guilty. So the other day I took stock of what I’ve accomplished in my first 90 days.

  • I’m back in the gym. I go about 3x per week, but I want to go more.
  • I’ve lost 3.5 lbs. have 16.5 more to go, but I’m on schedule. I’ve also helped my husband lose 3.5 lbs. We are using Mynetdiary to track our calories, exercise, sodium, etc. Try it. The basic version is free and does all you need.
  • I’m blogging again. I write one story per week.
  • I started and maintain a Facebook page for my husband’s new business….it’s a small hot dog joint. I’ve gotten almost 300 page likes. I’ve gotten several thousand post interactions. The community response to my boosted posts has been tremendous. It has really helped our customer traffic.
  • I’ve ordered and received tons of stuff for the new restaurant. Amazon Prime is my new best friend. I love free shipping!
  • I spent 4 days in Texas with 4 of my best high school buddies. I spent another 4 days in a different part of Texas with my mother and 3 siblings.
  • I studied a 10-chapter book, took a one-day course, and passed the ServSafe manager certification with a score of 93. It’s for food handlers and restaurant managers to assure safety in serving and keeping food.
  • I bought my first-ever cast iron skillet and have cooked things I’ve never cooked before. I’m known as a someone who’s never cooked. It turns out, I’m really not bad!
  • I’m working on a paint-by-number portrait of my grand daughters. It’s taken me 3 years. But I pulled it out again and am almost done!
  • I’ve cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets. They’re more functional now.
  • I’ve wrapped a bunch of Christmas gifts.
  • I’ve been to school cafeteria lunch every Friday since early August with sweet Breezy, my 8-year-old granddaughter.
  • I’ve attended many softball games for both granddaughters.
  • I hosted two swim-a-thons and cookouts for my son and his family.
  • I’m in the midst of planning the Halloween-themed grand opening for the hotdog joint. I’ve been all over town shopping for decorations, candy, costumes, etc.
  • I’ve submitted three articles for the higher-education monthly column I write on the subject of leadership.

I still think I sleep too much, play too many games on my phone, and watch way too many murder shows (I’m an Oxygen and Investigation Discovery addict). But, it turns out I’ve accomplished a few good things.

I recommend taking stock of your accomplishments every now and then, whether you’re working or retired. It does a little bit to assuage the guilt!



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