Crack can mess with your brain

I’m a crack addict.   Yep, I’m addicted to Trivia Crack.

If you know the application, it’s very close to what Trivial Pursuit was like.  You have to answer successfully three trivia questions in the categories of arts, geography, science, entertainment, sports, or history.  Then, you are given the opportunity to choose a category from which to answer a fourth question.  If you answer it correctly, you’ll win that category’s character.  Win all six characters before your opponent and you win the game.  Your opponent is either a “friend” through Facebook or a random stranger.  I play against random strangers.

My best category is the arts.  No surprise really.  I’m a reader and a writer.  I took two years of Latin.   I’ve read the classics and the not-so-classics.  I took lessons in painting, jazz, ballet, modern dance, piano, violin, and guitar.  I grew  up reading music in a church whose music is purely accapella. We could all sing four-part harmony. I was a drama queen in high school. I went to a liberal arts college and got a degree in journalism.   I love visiting museums.  It’s amazing how much trivia you can pick up over the years, or how you can guess pretty well.

I do OK in geography, history, and science in that order.   Then there are sports and entertainment.  My worst category is entertainment.  I never read any of the Harry Potter books nor saw the movies. Same is true for the Vampire Diaries.  I have seen few of the Marvel movies.  I go to the movie about once per year.  The last movie I saw was Mama Mia:  Here we go again.  I took my granddaughters.  Then I watched Mama Mia on Netflix because I have failed to see it ten years ago.   I’m really out of touch with any band that started after 1980.  I don’t watch any current television shows.  The last series I watched was “Friends.”   My current score in the entertainment category is 71%.

The other day I was baffled by a question I received.  It was in the geography category.  “How many U.S. states start with the letter G?”   The choices were 0, 1, 2, or 3.  I couldn’t think of any.  You only get 15 seconds to choose.  Stumped, I chose 0.  The correct answer was 1.  I still couldn’t imagine what the answer was.  I went to Google and looked up “U.S. States.”  I scrolled through the list and found it!  GEORGIA.   Ahhhh.  Georgia.  I laughed out loud. I couldn’t stop.  I told my husband.  He laughed out loud.

You see, I have lived in Georgia for the past 20 years!

Just as you can recall a lot of trivia, you can forget things that you’d never think you would.  Crack can mess you up.  Too much Trivia Crack can make you forget where you live.

The moral of the story is, stay off the crack.  Maybe read the Harry Potter series instead.

Game shows are designed to make us feel better about the random, useless facts that are all we have left of our education. (Chuck Palahniuk)



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