Last week I went to Camp WIOA. We woke up early at the first light of dawn, and after making up our bedrolls we’d go down to the canteen for a big, hearty breakfast of stacks of hot buttermilk flapjacks with pure maple syrup, and bowls of sweet fresh fruit including juicy peaches and plump blackberries and raspberries with cream. Then we’d scurry off to … Continue reading Camp WIOA

An Imaginary Gunman

My arms chugged back and forth, back and forth on the elliptical as sweat trickled down my face. A girl in front of me on the treadmill wore knee-length grey spandex pants and a corral-colored tee. Her hair was pulled up tight with a lime green scrunchie. Her pony tail bounced up and down as she walked. I was watching something violent on the TV, as … Continue reading An Imaginary Gunman