My Christopher Robin

I’ve always loved the story of Christopher Robin and Pooh.  It’s a sweet tale of two friends who must separate and how they stayed close forever after.   I can relate to it because I have moved often enough throughout my life, mostly for my education and my career and each time I have had to leave friends behind.  Likewise, I have had friends who’ve moved away and I have been the one left behind.

I’m an emotional sort and so these good-byes are hard for me.  I really don’t like them at all.  I’m the kind that listens to music, drowns myself in sorrow, and grieves for a season.   But, usually no one knows of it. I do my grieving in private……while exercising at the gym, driving in the car, shopping on a Friday afternoon.  I wallow in my own sadness.

And then I put on a happy face and go face the world.   Eventually, I learn to live without my friend close by.  Over the years, the advent of Facebook has helped a lot. It makes keeping up pretty easy.  Because I really, really hate to talk on the phone.  Letters are nice, but it seems in this busy world we live there is just never enough time.

And so this post is for those friends who are tucked deeply into my heart, forever there to stay.

I may have been your Christopher Robin,

or you might have been mine.

Perhaps I was the Pooh

who was left behind,

or maybe it was you.

Whichever the case, please do know

That I hold you in my heart

And that will be forever so.

Thus, you and I will never be apart.



2 thoughts on “My Christopher Robin

    1. Hey JBC. Thank you. Can’t tell you how many tears I’ve cried on the way to work. I’ve always had a longish commute. I started wearing waterproof mascara 26 years ago when my father died. ;-(

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