The ABC’s of Friendship

A is for my acquaintance, my amigo, my accomplice, my advisor, my ally, my associate, my advocate, my alter ego;

B is for my buddy, my backer, my brother;

C is for my chum, my confidant, my connection, my cousin, my classmate, my co-worker, my consort, my champion;

D is for my defender;

E is for my endorser, my enthusiast;

F is for my follower, my fellow;

G is for my guardian;

H is for my helper, my hero, my heart;

I is for my investor, my intersector;

J is for my jokester;

K is for my kindred spirit;

L is for my lifter, my listener, my love;

M is for my matey, my musketeer;

N is for my nurturer;

O is for my other;

P is for my pal, my peer, my pickup, my playmate, my protector, my paladin;

R is for my reflector, my rescuer;

S is for my sunshine, my sympathizer, my sweetie, my sister;

T is for my truth-teller;

U is for my upholder;

V is for my visitor;

W is for my wellwisher, the wind beneath my wings;

You are my friend; and I am yours.



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