The Battle at Brown’s Mill

If a man hasn’t discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.  Martin Luthur King, Jr.

We have lived in our house 14 years almost to the day now. I have only just discovered that I live three miles from the site of the only Civil War battle that occurred in the county where I live.  It was a victory for the Confederates. image

I’ve heard of the Battle of Brown’s Mill for years, but didn’t know where it took place. I have driven down the road many times. Only recently did I notice what looked like a grave marker with a iron fence around it. I asked my husband what it was. I was shocked to find out! I had no idea this historic site was in my own back yard!


Regardless of whether you are a southerner, northerner, westerner, or other, the Civil War is a very important  part of our country’s history. And whether you believe the war was about slavery, federalism, states’ rights, something else, or a little bit of all of it, history is important.

And so the Battle at Brown’s Mill is an important part of our country’s history, and particularly critical for the county and town where I live.

It is fitting that I visited the site for the first time ever on the holiday that celebrates the birthday of Martin Luthur King, Jr.   The fight for Civil Rights started much earlier than the 1960’s.  And that’s why I say history is very important.

I should have paid a little more attention to the history that is so close to me. I will not take it for granted again. The Battle at Brown’s Mill is but one story in a much, much bigger picture.






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