It’s a hot Sunday afternoon and I’m watching a Snapped marathon. It’s one of my favorite things to do when it’s too hot to be outside. But since I’m a multi-tasker, I’m also playing Hay-Day, reading blogs, checking Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, texts, and emails, planning my weekly calendar, etc.

A such, I just realized that Labor Day is coming up too soon. I’m about to Snap! No, I’m not going to kill a man (Snapped is a television show about real-life stories of women who kill men, usually their husbands or boyfriends).  But I am about to Snap! because summer is almost over. Yes, it has been much too hot in Atlanta this year, so we could use some relief from the heat, but I’m not even nearly ready to begin talking about sweaters, pumpkins, mums, lattes, and all that crap.

Two Sundays ago I was in the Hurricane Harbor wave pool at Six Flags with 6- year-old Breezy. It was 101 degrees that day, but it felt great in the water. It was my first time in a pool all summer long.  Snap! What have I been doing this summer?  Uh, that’s sort of a rhetorical question because I don’t even want to do an assessment of how I’ve spent my time. I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed in myself.  Or that I’ll Snap! 😁

Well, guess I need to get busy enjoying what’s left of the summer. Make hay while the sun shines. What do you plan to do to celebrate the rest of the summer?   Happy Labor Day weekend!  It will be here too soon.


PS Since I wrote the above, my friends I got busy and planned a  Buckhead  get-away for mid September prior to the Vernal equinox. However, one of the others made the reservation so we don’t have a similar issue like with the Spark Package.  (wink, wink)

Snapped on Oxygen



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