The growth the mums

Autumn is the season of change. ~Taoist proverb

The mums will be gone soon. I will miss them. I don’t know where they will go. But they disappear during the cover of night; or perhaps they’ll be whisked away, whereabouts unknown, while I am at work some afternoon.

I like to think that they go to county fairs, fall festivals, hay rides, carnivals, and spooky houses where there is lots of activity and even more fun. I hope they are there to be the life of the party and to add to the colorful nature of the autumn allure. Surely they are and do.

For the past 15 years I have driven past a nursery twice each day. In early summer little green pots are put out in the sun; rows and rows and rows of them. In each pot is a tiny green ball, about the size of a cotton ball. Up close no doubt it looks like a little bunch of leaves or a small bush.

Over the summer and into the early fall, it grows into a big green bush, about the size of a basketball. And just before it’s whisked away, it blooms into full color…..purple, orange, yellow, rustoleum.

And that is when I know that they’ll soon be gone. When the temperature starts to drop just a wee bit, I see the colors start to pop. I say to the mums as I drive by, “Hold on just a little while longer. I am not ready for autumn yet. I am not ready for you to go away. I enjoy seeing you each day. You make me happy!”

But in a week or so, inevitably, it happens. One day, the mums are gone. The rows, and rows, and rows of brown dirt sit empty. And my heart feels empty too. Autumn is here. And I am soon facing another winter. And it will be many months before the mums return. And I am sad.

The trucks and the trains will still come by every day and the aroma of BBQ will drift from the huge iron pig through the all-to-often cold, grey air.  The concrete men will raise their dust, the carnies will put up and break down. And the horses…..oh so many horses.   Think of all we’ll see and do before our sweet mums come back to bring us joy once more.




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