We may never pass this way again

Life, so they say, is but a game and we let it slip away…. Seals & Crofts

My husband and I took a short Sunday road trip.  We were to have lunch at his brother’s home in a rural part of Georgia.  We drove through several small towns.  They all had two things in common.  There was a Baptist church with many cars outside, and a Dollar General.

I was rather quiet on the ride.  My mind wandered.  As we rolled past mostly ranch style houses, pastures, and trees, I began to think about, as I often do, the purpose of life.  I wondered about the people in the houses,  “why do they stay in small town Georgia in such rural areas that you can’t get cell service? where do they shop?  where do they work?  how far do they drive for gainful employment?”

I begin to think of the futility of life.  We’re here for, at most, 100 years, if we’re lucky.  Most of us will die in our 70’s and 80’s, if we live a full life.  What’s it all about?  Why are we alive for such a short time, and what happens to us when we die?

These might seem like morbid thoughts, but I’m just one of those introspective people who wonders about such things regularly. I seek meaning in everything.

I came to the conclusion, as I almost always do, we are here to mentor the generations that come after us.  If we live a long life, we could impact as many as four generations.

I think we each have an individual responsibility to do what we can to make a difference.  That difference is the part of us we leave those with whom we come in contact.

As humankind, we need to take care of the Earth for those who come after us.  We need to teach the next generations to be responsible citizens of their families, work places, churches, neighborhoods, cities, states, country, and world.

We need to help create good memories for those who we will leave on Earth when we pass.  We need to help them find their life’s purpose. We should teach the next generations to mentor the generations that come after them.

This is the meaning of life.  Make each day count, because “we may never pass this way again.” (Seals & Crofts)



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