The Princess Tea

“I thought we would have tea,” Breezy said.  My daughter-in-law and I choked back laughter.  Her mom told her, “well that, uh well, well maybe we’ll have some later.”  Our choices for beverage at the Princess Tea had been water or a pink punch.  There was a long table of finger foods….tiny sandwiches, bite-sized chicken nuggets, olives, vegetables with dips, grapes, apple slices, cookies, little cupcakes, bitty corn dogs, crackers, cheese squares, etc. There was lots and lots of food.

When I got to the serving table, I exclaimed, “Olives!” because I love green olives.  Breezy said, as if she were 35, although she’s only 5,  “Oh, we were just talking about olives.” She got the tongs and began to put several on my plate.  She doesn’t care for olives herself.  We filled our plates and found our seats.  We ate our fill.

I was hoping Breezy would enjoy seeing the princesses.  Her Papa had bought the tickets weeks ago when he’d been downtown at a bank the day they’d gone on sale. It was definitely her “cup of tea,” as long  she could “buy into them.” They’d have to be believable. Last Christmas our local Home Depot had Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Their costumes were so bad and the actors so homely Breezy didn’t want to have anything to do with them. She refused to get her picture made with them. Well, her mom showed me someone else’s kids’ pics on Facebook with the Home Depot Elsa and Anna. I thought I would laugh my eyes out. I was proud of Breezy for having princess standards!

So here come some of the princesses. They look pretty good.  When Elsa and Anna arrived I new we’d struck a home run. They were very pretty and their costumes would pass Disney World standards. Breezy seemed thrilled. She went from line to line to chat with the princesses, get their autographs, and pose for her mom or me to snap a bunch of pictures. Her bestie from Kindergarten was right there with her, both of them enjoying every minute of it.

I said to my daughter-in-law “the princesses seem pretty good.”  She responded, “Yes, well Cinderella has her issues; she’s a little chunky and she’s got teeth on top of teeth. And, well, Jasmine.”  I said, “Oh I see what you mean.” Jasmine had a little pot belly and looked a teeny bit inbred. And Cinderella did indeed have crooked teeth. My cynical self wondered what she might look like if the clock struck midnight.

But fortunately, the little girls, all 75 of them, appeared to be delighted!  We stayed and stayed. We happened to be the last ones out the door. The sponsor was getting a group shot of all five princesses….Anna, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa, and Jasmine.  I asked if I could throw two little princesses in and get a couple of shots. So I tossed another Anna and a Snow White on stage, snapped some shots, and said thanks. We waved good-bye to the princesses.

We collected a couple of balloons and party favors at the door and we were gone.   I have a lot of great pictures to remember that very sweet day at the Princess Tea where we didn’t have tea, but where we did have a very special day and we created many precious memories.



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