TSA ruined my day

If I weren’t so livid, I suppose it might have been humorous.  Thirty-six hours later I still can’t find the humor in it. Some days of air travel go so smoothly.  Leaving Atlanta last week I was “TSA pre-screened” and the process was easy.  Didn’t have to take my shoes off, walked through the metal detector and all was well.  Got to my gate in … Continue reading TSA ruined my day

The Perfect Sleepover

Not long ago, we celebrated my son’s 35th birthday at a steakhouse on a Saturday night. My husband and I arrived after his family, so I was met near the front door by 8-year old Breezy.  She’d been sent to retrieve us.  “Where’s Papa?” she asked.  “He’s parking the car,” I said. Just after getting us settled down at the table, pointing out our assigned … Continue reading The Perfect Sleepover

Living in the World of the Jetsons: FaceTime

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Daniel Bell When I was a kid I watched the Jetsons religiously.  I remember even then loving the idea that George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy could video chat.  Well, four decades later FaceTime brought us into the world of the Jetsons. The best thing about FaceTime for me is being able to see Breezy, … Continue reading Living in the World of the Jetsons: FaceTime

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Crack can mess with your brain

I’m a crack addict.   Yep, I’m addicted to Trivia Crack. If you know the application, it’s very close to what Trivial Pursuit was like.  You have to answer successfully three trivia questions in the categories of arts, geography, science, entertainment, sports, or history.  Then, you are given the opportunity to choose a category from which to answer a fourth question.  If you answer it correctly, … Continue reading Crack can mess with your brain

Breezy discovers Michael Jackson

Breezy is 8. Her parents, Papa and I sometimes talk about how much we miss the baby Breezy. She is growing much too quickly. But we all agree that we love conversing with this older, wiser Breezy. She is simply, in a word, amazing. Earlier this year, when she was but 7, she, her older sister, Papa and I were dining at Taco Bell. Breezy … Continue reading Breezy discovers Michael Jackson


While spending the afternoon together, six-year-old Breezy was reminising with me about her “school daze” and the different schools she’s attended. I reminded her that she had left out the entire year of Pre-K. “Well, you don’t really learn anything in Pre-K,” she said melodramatically, “it’s just a whole year of fun before you go to work!”  Of course, I want to bust out laughing … Continue reading Naptime

The Secretary of Agriculture

I wish I could say that I have met Trump’s choice for Secretary of Agriculture.  I almost did.  But almosts are not good enough.  When Sonny Perdue was the Governor of Georgia, I went to one of those ‘Eggs ‘N Issues’ breakfasts in Atlanta during the legislative session.  It was for educators. I saw Sonny and he wasn’t talking to anyone.  Oh, I thought. Perfect … Continue reading The Secretary of Agriculture