While spending the afternoon together, six-year-old Breezy was reminising with me about her “school daze” and the different schools she’s attended. I reminded her that she had left out the entire year of Pre-K.

“Well, you don’t really learn anything in Pre-K,” she said melodramatically, “it’s just a whole year of fun before you go to work!”  Of course, I want to bust out laughing but she’s dead serious so I’m trying to be a good listener.

She continues, “You know what the best part of Pre-K was?”  “What?,” I asked.  “Naptime!” she says, with a big smile on her face and twinkle in her eye, as if at six she now understands why one would enjoy a nap at mid day. “I know,” I quipped, “you don’t get a nap in first grade, do you?”  “No you do not!,” she emphasized!

I look at Breezy and I’m excited for her to have her whole life ahead of her with so many possibilities. She’s a happy child;  she loves people, and they love her. She’s smart, funny, outgoing, beautiful, athletic….She has much going in her favor.  But I wouldn’t want to be in her place.

The idea of going through all those years of elementary, middle, and high school wears me out. Then the thought of living the college and graduate school years again….no thanks.  That’s just too much studying.

And don’t  even get me started about having to work 40 years! No, I’m happy to be approaching retirement.

Breezy invited me to come to her ballgame. She asked, “Do you and Papa have any plans this weekend?” I said, “Other than coming to your game, no.”  She followed with, “Do you and Papa never have any plans?”

Adorable! I look forward to the days when I have no plans. I am pretty sure my favorite part of retirement is going to be naptime.  I can’t wait!!



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