Living in the World of the Jetsons: FaceTime

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Daniel Bell

When I was a kid I watched the Jetsons religiously.  I remember even then loving the idea that George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy could video chat.  Well, four decades later FaceTime brought us into the world of the Jetsons.

The best thing about FaceTime for me is being able to see Breezy, my 8-year-old granddaughter, when I talk with her.  She got an iPad for Christmas about 3 years ago, and since then we’ve been able to video chat.

She’s a very social being and likes to have people with her and play with her.  The other day she told me that her mom and dad have told her she can’t have someone playing with her 24/7.

Breezy often FaceTimes me when she’s in her bedroom playing alone.  She wants someone to talk to, or someone to talk to her.  She cracks me up because she’ll call me just to have me on the phone.  She’ll be playing and wants someone with her.  I’m flattered that she thinks of me.  Sometimes she’ll show me around her room, let me see something new she’s bought, or put her cats on the screen. The other day she put on a puppet show for me.  Often she just does whatever it is she’s doing and I have to carry the conversation on my own.

Recently she called me. I couldn’t tell where she was.  I said, “where are you?”  “Under my desk,” she replied.  She was tucked under the desk in her bedroom.  She was playing with something; I don’t recall just what it was.  She had the iPad propped up on the floor while she played.  I did most of the talking.

A few minutes later her mom came into the room.  Breezy crawled out from under her desk.  Then her dad came in.   I was still under the desk.  All I could see were feet.   Breezy finally mentioned that Gigi was on the phone.  “Where is she?” her dad asked.  “Under the desk,” Breezy said.  “Awww. Poor Gigi,” my son replied.  He picked me up off the floor and put me on top the desk.  My view improved greatly.

Breezy makes me laugh all the time.  She’s just a funny kid.  Leaving me under the desk was hilarious to me.  It is a memory I won’t soon forget.  I love FaceTime.  I love Breezy more.



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