TSA ruined my day

If I weren’t so livid, I suppose it might have been humorous.  Thirty-six hours later I still can’t find the humor in it. Some days of air travel go so smoothly.  Leaving Atlanta last week I was “TSA pre-screened” and the process was easy.  Didn’t have to take my shoes off, walked through the metal detector and all was well.  Got to my gate in … Continue reading TSA ruined my day

Guest Blog……Bali Hai

My friend Gail is off the internet grid this week on some river in a part of the world that, well I’m not quite sure where she is. She’s a pretty amazing millennial. Earlier this year I watched her transformation as she prepared for her new life of traveling about the world. She sold all her stuff, lost lots of weight, packed what I would … Continue reading Guest Blog……Bali Hai

Looks can be deceiving

It was the last leg of my journey, Houston to Atlanta, and I was exhausted.  After a five-day business trip spent mostly with people I’d never met before, my introversion was wearing thin.  I wanted to get on the plane and just melt in to my seat. I walked down the very roomy aisle.  Only two seats on each side.  Nice, I thought.  There was … Continue reading Looks can be deceiving