The Lemonade Stand

“If you want to get really rich all you have to do is sell a lemonade stand; and when I get older that’s prolly what I’m gonna do.”  Breezy It’s a quote from my granddaughter spoken to her mother’s best friend. It was posted on Facebook one day earlier this summer. I’m sure Breezy heard the first part on the TV or the radio. The … Continue reading The Lemonade Stand

Car Six

Well we said what happens in car six stays in car six. And that has been almost wholly true…until now. It happened to me, so I’m telling it. After you read about it, you will wonder why I decided to reveal this particular event.  And even as I sit here at 2:34 a.m. deciding whether to push the ‘publish’ button, I wonder whether I should, … Continue reading Car Six

Guest Blog……Bali Hai

My friend Gail is off the internet grid this week on some river in a part of the world that, well I’m not quite sure where she is. She’s a pretty amazing millennial. Earlier this year I watched her transformation as she prepared for her new life of traveling about the world. She sold all her stuff, lost lots of weight, packed what I would … Continue reading Guest Blog……Bali Hai