Welcome to Mohs!

My appointment was at 8:30 a.m. I arrived in the second waiting room about 9:45 after having the first stage of treatment. As I walked in I said aloud, sort of to the surgical tech who escorted me, but mostly to myself, “Ay. They’re all wearing bandages!” It was my attempt at an allusion to a line in the 1960 movie The Grass is Greener. … Continue reading Welcome to Mohs!

Twenty Twenty

Here are twenty pieces of advice for twenty-somethings that I learned in my twenties; they have served me well over a lifetime thus far.  Appreciate your parents. Tell them you love them. Relationships end and/ or change in your thirties, if they haven’t already. You are not promised your parents forever. Get educated early in life. Very few jobs require only a high school diploma. … Continue reading Twenty Twenty

Guest Blog……Bali Hai

My friend Gail is off the internet grid this week on some river in a part of the world that, well I’m not quite sure where she is. She’s a pretty amazing millennial. Earlier this year I watched her transformation as she prepared for her new life of traveling about the world. She sold all her stuff, lost lots of weight, packed what I would … Continue reading Guest Blog……Bali Hai