Retirement Guilt

In a few days I’ll have been retired for three months. I find myself feeling guilty a lot. I haven’t accomplished as much as I think I should have. My husband keeps telling me I’m new at this. I need to relax and enjoy it. So far I have enjoyed it tremendously, but I still feel guilty. So the other day I took stock of … Continue reading Retirement Guilt

Revenge is a dish best served cold

I’m not a vengeful person.   I’m really not.  I promise. When I was in graduate school I was in a class about teaching reading to adults. It was taught by an adjunct whose day job was teaching full-time in an adult basic education program. For the purpose of this blog I shall call her Miss Pickle. Miss Sour Dill Pickle. She gave us a project that … Continue reading Revenge is a dish best served cold

Twenty Twenty

Here are twenty pieces of advice for twenty-somethings that I learned in my twenties; they have served me well over a lifetime thus far.  Appreciate your parents. Tell them you love them. Relationships end and/ or change in your thirties, if they haven’t already. You are not promised your parents forever. Get educated early in life. Very few jobs require only a high school diploma. … Continue reading Twenty Twenty

Much ado about Major

Last week I read a blog post by Rookie Notes giving tips for choosing a college major.   She did a great job. She’s 23 years old. I’ve worked in higher education for 35-years and have counseled countless students about their majors. I was really impressed with her insights. She inspired me to tell my major selection story. I stayed home for my freshman and sophomore … Continue reading Much ado about Major