Texas 20

A friend from high school had it posted on her Facebook page.  20 things all Texans have done at least once.  And, by and large, it rings true for me.  I’m not going to run through all 20; you can read it for yourself.  But some of them are worth a comment or two.

Number one is “you’ve taken a road trip to South Padre.”  Check.  A friend and I went to South Padre between freshman and sophomore year of “junior” college.   We were really on a trip around Texas to visit multiple colleges to find where we might transfer for our remaining two years.  The most memorable thing about the trip to S. Padre was that a guy was hitting on my friend at the pool.  He wanted to come to our room.  I was so leery that I called my parents; I don’t remember how since there were no cell phones then.  I guess I went to the room to call before he got there.  They told me to “keep the door open.”  Too funny.  I imagined him a serial killer…..which he might have been.  But, he came to our room, hung out for a while with the door open, then left.   He probably didn’t get what he came for.

Number nine is “You’ve taken a side in the UT/A&M rivalry.”  Who gives a hoot about the UT/A&M rivalry?  The REAL rivalry is the Red River Rivalry (aka Red River Shootout, before that was deemed too violent) which is the OU/Texas game.  And, I’m on the wrong side of the river on that one….and happy to be.  Boomer Sooner!

Another one is “You’ve been to the state fair.”  Check. I went to the state fair while at the Red River Rivalry.   “We” won.  It was lots of fun.   The game takes place at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas right next to the state fair grounds.  I ran into a friend from high school who was living in Dallas and is a Texas Ex.  That’s the thing about Texas.  It is HUGE but you will always run in to someone you know.

And then there is number six…”You’ve been to at least one rodeo.”  Well, yeah and yee haw!  I’m from the Texas Panhandle and have attended the Will Rogers Range Riders Rodeo many times.  Where do think the phrase, “This ain’t my first rodeo” comes from????

“You’ve travelled to Mexico” is numero once.  Well, yes, but strangely enough only from California.  I’ve been to Tijuana, but not Juarez. I’ve looked at it from El Paso.  Later this summer I’m going to Brownsville.  I’ll probably just look at Matamoros too since Brownsville is considered the 4th most dangerous border town to Mexico.  BTW, San Diego is second (borders with Tijuana) and El Paso is THE most dangerous!

And the last one I’ll mention is numero catorce, “You’ve developed a very strict definition of Mexican food.”  Si.  It has to be Tex Mex.  Texans know what it is and what it isn’t.

Even though I am a Sooner by education and football team, I still consider myself a dyed-in-the-cotton Texan.  Born and bred.





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