TSA ruined my day

If I weren’t so livid, I suppose it might have been humorous.  Thirty-six hours later I still can’t find the humor in it. Some days of air travel go so smoothly.  Leaving Atlanta last week I was “TSA pre-screened” and the process was easy.  Didn’t have to take my shoes off, walked through the metal detector and all was well.  Got to my gate in … Continue reading TSA ruined my day

Harley Hotdogs have more fun

LET’S BE FRANK!  Is there anything more All-American than the humble hot dog?  Whether it’s ball park or backyard grilled, New York or Chicago-style, “dirty water dog” or a high-falutin’ gourmet frank, our nation’s favorite tubular treat is a Fourth of July tradition that comes in many manisfestations.  Ernie Smith Just as I was retiring recently, my husband decided to start up a new business. … Continue reading Harley Hotdogs have more fun

Veteran’s Day and the long shadows of November

Today is Veteran’s Day. It is a holiday for state employees like me. I spent the afternoon getting a manicure, pedicure, and shopping. I love tradition and I have tried to create and honor many for my family. I have two granddaughters, ten and five. Every Thanksgiving I give them a Christmas outfit. It’s something they might wear to a special event in December, to … Continue reading Veteran’s Day and the long shadows of November