Lunching with Miss Breezy

School has started back and I’m beginning to settle into a more normal schedule for my new retirement.  I take a shower and wash my hair on Thursday nights; lunch with Breezy comes every Friday.   Breezy is particular about how her Gigi looks.  She’s already mad at me for letting my gray begin to show, so I make sure I wear my hair down … Continue reading Lunching with Miss Breezy

Harley Hotdogs have more fun

LET’S BE FRANK!  Is there anything more All-American than the humble hot dog?  Whether it’s ball park or backyard grilled, New York or Chicago-style, “dirty water dog” or a high-falutin’ gourmet frank, our nation’s favorite tubular treat is a Fourth of July tradition that comes in many manisfestations.  Ernie Smith Just as I was retiring recently, my husband decided to start up a new business. … Continue reading Harley Hotdogs have more fun