My first tattoos

My son was amazed that I decided to get my first tattoos at the age of 60. He has lots of them, all very colorful.

He got them some years ago. Fortunately he got them all in places he can hide them. That’s good because he now works in management at a Japanese based manufacturer.

I, on the other hand, did not care to hide my tattoos. I’m retired now so it doesn’t matter to me that my tattoos are very visible.

They were a Christmas gift from my husband. I’m quite pleased with them.

My son asked me if I was scared. I responded that no, I was not scared.

He said that he can’t believe when I decided to get my first tattoos that I’d put them on my face. He said, “if they’re messed up, you can’t really hide them.”

I don’t want to hide them. I proud of them. Each one represents one of my two granddaughters.

I asked the girls to guess what I was getting for Christmas. They guessed several things. No. No. No.

Then I asked, “What is missing on my face?” They both looked carefully.

The older one yelled out, “eyebrows!”

Indeed. Now I have beautifully tattooed eyebrows. You’d be amazed how many people’s eyebrows are actually tattoos.

I’m very happy with my first and second tattoos.  How about you?  Would you tattoo your face?



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