An Early Birthday Gift

I’m pretty much the Queen of Amazon Prime. I order half of what I buy through Amazon, even my groceries. I get so many smiling boxes at my door I can scarce remember what’s in them.

Recently I picked Breezy up from school and brought her to my house. She wanted to open the daily delivery so I said, “sure.” I don’t remember what was in the first box. But as soon as I saw the mop of blond hair in the second box, I snatched it out of Breezy’s hands. “Uh, that’s a birthday gift for Jas,” I quickly spoke out. Jas is an employee at the hot dog shop.

“What is it? I won’t tell her,” she said. “Oh yes you will. You can’t keep a secret,” I responded. She reminded me, “I kept the secret about the wheelbarrow.” Ummmm. That she did.

A couple of years ago, when she was six, she told Papa and me that her daddy needed a wheelbarrow for Christmas. “He’s always borrowing the neighbor’s,” she revealed.

We bought him a wheelbarrow and she kept the secret for months. She squealed with delight when her dad received the gift!

But I digress. Back to the Amazon box. It was really a birthday gift for Breezy. Papa and I quickly decided to give it to her right then, although her birthday is not until June.

The afternoon had been filled with bad news. We had to tell her that her great grandmother died. She really loved her, and vice versa. They had a special bond.

Also, one of our two Shitzus died the same week. And, our new goats, that she and her sister had named Billy and Goatie, went to live on a 100 acre farm. They kept getting out of the fence and running around the neighborhood. As if that was not enough, we sent the newly rescued Border Collie mix, the goats’ guardian, to live on the same farm.

That’s a lot of bad news for an 8-year-old. So, we let her open the gift. A Trumpy Bear! I’m always kidding her about marrying Barron Trump someday. “I’m not marrying Trump,” she insists. “But, if I did, I’d be richer than you,” she told her sister. Always in competition!

She hugged Trumpy Bear and said, “I love him!” The bear has a zipper across the back of his neck. She unzipped it and pulled out a U.S. flag cape.

trumpy bear

When I took her home, she told her parents she was going to put Trumpy Bear on the hearth so he can be the guardian of the house!

She later renamed Trumpy Bear. His new name is President Breezy.

I’m delighted that she has the confidence to think about being President. That girl is destined for success. It’ll be fun to watch her continue to blossom. Love the kid!

Maybe some day she’ll be President, or perhaps Mrs. Barron Trump! ❤️💜




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