Time for a cool change

I head downtown for an early dentist appointment. I’m wearing a sweater, partly because it’s a little cool outside, and partly because the exam rooms are like meat lockers. It rains a few drops on my 10 minute trip. We need lots of rain. It’s a short wait before I’m called back to a patient room. As I sit in the chair I find myself … Continue reading Time for a cool change

The autumn of my 37th year

In August I began my 37th fall semester working in higher education. Every year a new batch of freshman come to college; and where I now work, a new batch of adult students either come to college for the first time or more likely come back to college after having stopped out some time ago. The average age of our students is well over 20. I can’t … Continue reading The autumn of my 37th year

My Favourite Reindeer Jumper

It’s jumper weather!  And yes, I know I just wrote all about autumn last week but I’ve been called out in the great Sweater Weather Tag Challenge by my favourite British blogger who happens to be living in Germany. She teaches me about jaffa cakes and haribos and keeps me laughing, and thus I cannot let her down. I must rise to the challenge. Of course … Continue reading My Favourite Reindeer Jumper