A Special Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday in Metro Atlanta is supposed to 72 degrees and mostly sunny. I hope so.  I love having the girls over for their annual egg hunt. We’ve been doing it since the older granddaughter was three.  This will be our eighth year.

We have plastic eggs with coins, Haribo gummy worms, Sixlets, Skittles, and Starbursts in them. Every now and then a special egg might have a dollar or a $5 bill in it. The girls seem to have lots of fun. I enjoy it too. It’s an entirely different kind of Easter than we had when we were little ones. Those were very special Easters too.

The other day we were on the way back from the skating rink. Breezy suggested, “Gigi, when we get home, let’s have a Easter Egg hunt. Do you have any of those plastic eggs that the Easter bunny leaves?” “Well, OK,” I said, “we can have a practice hunt, how many eggs do you want?”

“Oh I’d say about…..80,” she replied. Remember, if you read often, you know she’s five. This seems perfectly logical to her.  “80! How about 10!,” I said.  “No! 70,” she negotiated skillfully.  I countered with 12.  She did so with 60.  Finally my husband said, “OK, 5 then!”  I think he was getting tired of the back and forth. “No!” she said loudly, knowing Papa was serious. After that we all settled on 20 pretty quickly.

“And,” she added,  “they can’t all have money or candy in them.” She was going to let me use the bag of candy she’d gotten when we checked in at the skating rink that day. “Some of them have to have special prizes!” she added. “Breezy! Give me a break!” I laughed. “This is an impromptu Easter Egg hunt! I’m really not all that prepared. I’ll have to see what I have in the closet.”

She knows that by “the closet” I mean the one where I put gifts for birthdays and Christmas and for special “any times”that I start buying the day after Christmas and continue to do so when I see a deal through the year. After we got home I prepared the eggs, putting candy, coins, and notes for her and her sister ( who wasn’t there) in some of them making reference to special prizes. They were craft eggs that they could decorate, Easter cans to put them in, and some lip glosses. She was pleased.

Whew! Gigi made it through another tight spot. But I’m in Chicago the week before Easter and my shopping now includes looking for things the Easter bunny can give, because apparently now that Breezy is 5, he can’t just leave candy and money anymore. Haha. As her sister got older she was perfectly happy with money as an alternative to candy!

Well, they do make me laugh and they do keep me busy. So far the Easter Bunny, in addition to candy and money, has two make-up bags and two journals to give. I’m thinking one more special prize ought to be plenty. Now I’m wondering how many eggs the E.B. will actually deliver. After the dry run, something tells me 20 eggs per girl sounds about right!

Have a happy and blessed Easter, a beautiful Sunday, and enjoy your families.


He is not here, He is risen, just as He said. (Mark 16:6)


My family in 1961.  I am 2nd from left next to my brother.


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