It’s my first blogiversary

“Writing is the high alchemy of the soul that combines words and ideas to create magic.” Sharif Khan

Tower of Twins was born April 16, 2015. I started a blog because I enjoy writing and think it’s no fun if no one reads what you write. And so here’s how I got started. First Blog Post Ever

But I had a couple of other reasons for wanting to write a blog too.  I was inspired by a colleague friend who writes a beautiful blog.  The Literate Pen  Thank you Michael for your wonderful inspiration which got me started!

I wanted to improve my non-professional writing skills. What I mean by that is writing for casual reading, not writing that which has an academic or business purpose. I wanted to hone my skills of writing conversations and descriptions. I feel that I have improved, so I am pleased with that part of my blog.

It has not always been easy to find topics, but never terribly difficult either. Usually something will happen, or I will see something or do something that triggers a topic about which to write.  Or sometimes something I read in an article will interest me and I can always just react to it.

There have been some posts that I certainly never expected to write and are a little bit weird, such as Pee Wee’s M & M’s .   As is apparent in this post, meeting new people is fun because you just really never know what’s going to happen; especially when you are put together on a team with people you don’t know, but must complete a task with credible outcomes in very short order. It usually means there is going to be some stress-relieving laughter in the mix.

I’ve never been one to write poems. But I did try my hand at it a couple of times this year. It was fun. Friendship poem  One thing I have discovered. No matter what I write, once I decide to post it, I’m not embarrassed that it’s “out there.” The first few weeks I looked at the stats, and worried.  Now I don’t care. If I get one like or twelve, it doesn’t keep me going. My writing keeps me going.

I like to write about my childhood and the family with whom I grew up. The White Picket Fence  But, my favorite topic of all is my 5-year old granddaughter Breezy.  I write partly so that she’ll have these stories to read when she gets older.  They are for her.  I enjoy memorializing the time we spend together. The Princess Tea

I am not and never will be a big-time blogger. In a year I have had a lot more strangers follow me than I ever thought I would. And I follow lots of others bloggers too. I interact with people from all over the world. I have some blogger friends who I interact with every week.  I’m sure there are many versions of blog worlds, but the blog world I live in is gentle and pleasant; it’s one filled with kind people who genuinely care about humanity.

And so I will continue on with Tower of Twins into its second year. I am proud of it as a creative product, as an avenue for speaking and improving my voice, and as a way to befriend other people who like to live a part of their day in Blog World.

Thank you to those who have spent some time with me this year in the Tower of Twins. You honor me with your presence here.  If you aren’t yet, and you are so inclined but just need a little push, I encourage you to get on the Blog Wagon!  😉


One reason I encourage people to blog is that the act of doing it stretches your available vocabulary and hones a new voice. Seth Godin







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