A couple of things about blogging

There are two things in particular that I like about blogging—categories and tags. Categories are the words or phrases that one uses to tell the blogging world what the blog is about, such as ‘travel,’ ‘health,’ sports,’ etc. Tags are those words that give a more detailed look into the piece such as ‘Italy,’ ‘pancreas,’ ‘softball,’ etc.  I must confess that I do not always use the categories and tags features really well.  Sometimes I get lazy and put something in as a category that should be a tag and vice versa.

The neat thing about categories and tags is that you will find a whole new audience of bloggers depending on what subject and sub-headings you are writing about. Since I write about all kinds of things, I find myself with different readers.   For example, if I am writing about my green eyes I might get a like from greeneyedmonster1989 or prettygreengretchen. If I happen to be writing about cookies and milk I might get a response from ilovecookiesandmilk or oreosandchipsahoy. When I write about shoes perhaps I might get a couple of new followers named balletflats1985 and shoeboxesstella.

And, if I happen to be writing about cats, well Katie-Bar-the-Door ’cause everyone likes cats.  It’s amazing how many cat-named bloggers there are out there.

I love to see the little golden circle lit up over the bell (it’s a wordpress thing) so I can click on it to find out who has responded to a category or a tag. Or maybe it’s a regular follower whose name I am familiar with.  Oh, hi old friend.  Nice to see you are still out there reading.  Welcome back.

If you haven’t started blogging yet, dust off those finger tips and get cracking. All you need are some titles, a bunch of words, and a few categories and tags.  Have fun.   I do.



3 thoughts on “A couple of things about blogging

  1. Some of my favorite tags are ‘dumb’, ‘funny’, ‘teen’ and *gulps* ‘Donald Trump’- I don’t like him, I just want to read what others have to say about him haha

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