A couple of things about blogging

There are two things in particular that I like about blogging—categories and tags. Categories are the words or phrases that one uses to tell the blogging world what the blog is about, such as ‘travel,’ ‘health,’ sports,’ etc. Tags are those words that give a more detailed look into the piece such as ‘Italy,’ ‘pancreas,’ ‘softball,’ etc.  I must confess that I do not always … Continue reading A couple of things about blogging

March Madness

  March is probably the craziest month of the year.  There are many reasons why. 1. It came in like a lion. 2.  American soldier and politician Sam Houston (1793-1863) was born on the 2nd in Virginia. He later served as Congressman and Governor of Tennessee.  In 1832, he became commander of the Texas army in the War for Texas Independence, defeating the larger Mexican army … Continue reading March Madness