Drawing Near

I’m in the midst of a huge project of cleaning out my basement closets and garage.  I’ve taken things to a consignment store, sold things through a local on-line garage sale, set aside many bins for Goodwill, and thrown some stuff in the trash. While going through several boxes from my office (haven’t looked at them in the 18 months since retirement) I came upon … Continue reading Drawing Near

The faith of a mustard seed

I often ponder whether there is a God.   I grew up with God-fearing parents and went to Sunday school and church services in a conservative, evangelistic Christian congregation.  I attended a Christian college.  I worked at Christian colleges for 15 years of my career.  I’m not the kind of person you’d think would question the existence of God. I am highly educated.  Less than … Continue reading The faith of a mustard seed

Guest Blog……Bali Hai

My friend Gail is off the internet grid this week on some river in a part of the world that, well I’m not quite sure where she is. She’s a pretty amazing millennial. Earlier this year I watched her transformation as she prepared for her new life of traveling about the world. She sold all her stuff, lost lots of weight, packed what I would … Continue reading Guest Blog……Bali Hai