Picture Perfect

The artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves it in nothing. Eugene Delacroix Ever wonder why an artist paints the same painting over and over and over? There is usually the “one” that becomes the famous one, but there are multiple “drafts” of it before that one. Perhaps they are working toward perfection. Perhaps they are just looking for personal satisfaction. Recently Breezy and … Continue reading Picture Perfect

Stabbing the Needle in My Eye: Predictive Analytics

I spent the week in St. Petersburg, Florida, at a conference on analytics. The “real” title was “Moving the Needle.” But, between the predictive analytics of the conference and the incorrect predictive analytics of the election, by mid-week, I indeed felt the familiar pain of a needle stabbing in my eye. I found myself awake on the morning of November 9 at 3:40 a.m. watching … Continue reading Stabbing the Needle in My Eye: Predictive Analytics

A few minutes in first grade

I have been suffering from severe writer’s block as of late. I have nothing to say. But a trip to first grade on yesterday seems worthy of at least a few words. Breezy attends a charter school where they have no cafeteria. Guests wait in the lobby until they are accompanied by their host to the classroom to eat. Breezy herself came to walk me … Continue reading A few minutes in first grade

The autumn of my 37th year

In August I began my 37th fall semester working in higher education. Every year a new batch of freshman come to college; and where I now work, a new batch of adult students either come to college for the first time or more likely come back to college after having stopped out some time ago. The average age of our students is well over 20. I can’t … Continue reading The autumn of my 37th year

Revenge is a dish best served cold

I’m not a vengeful person.   I’m really not.  I promise. When I was in graduate school I was in a class about teaching reading to adults. It was taught by an adjunct whose day job was teaching full-time in an adult basic education program. For the purpose of this blog I shall call her Miss Pickle. Miss Sour Dill Pickle. She gave us a project that … Continue reading Revenge is a dish best served cold