Welcome to Mohs!

My appointment was at 8:30 a.m. I arrived in the second waiting room about 9:45 after having the first stage of treatment. As I walked in I said aloud, sort of to the surgical tech who escorted me, but mostly to myself, “Ay. They’re all wearing bandages!” It was my attempt at an allusion to a line in the 1960 movie The Grass is Greener. … Continue reading Welcome to Mohs!

The faith of a mustard seed

I often ponder whether there is a God.   I grew up with God-fearing parents and went to Sunday school and church services in a conservative, evangelistic Christian congregation.  I attended a Christian college.  I worked at Christian colleges for 15 years of my career.  I’m not the kind of person you’d think would question the existence of God. I am highly educated.  Less than … Continue reading The faith of a mustard seed

What will the New Year bring?

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.   (T. S. Eliot) It was a beautiful Christmas Eve day in the burbs of Atlanta. People were out shopping at our outdoor mall in short-sleeved tee-shirts. It was a bit windy and my hair blew every which way, but the cool air felt wonderful on my face and arms. … Continue reading What will the New Year bring?

The Perfect Sleepover

Not long ago, we celebrated my son’s 35th birthday at a steakhouse on a Saturday night. My husband and I arrived after his family, so I was met near the front door by 8-year old Breezy.  She’d been sent to retrieve us.  “Where’s Papa?” she asked.  “He’s parking the car,” I said. Just after getting us settled down at the table, pointing out our assigned … Continue reading The Perfect Sleepover

Thanksgiving Fun with Family

The girls were out of school for the entire week of Thanksgiving. They spent from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon with Gigi and Papa. We had so much fun. We made Christmas gifts–paintings, flour and salt ornaments, glittery pine cones, boxes, and more. Our ornaments turned out kind of puffy. The dough was dry so we added more water. The dough was too wet so … Continue reading Thanksgiving Fun with Family

Veteran’s Day Celebration

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of politics this year.  Regardless of your leanings, these mid-term elections were ugly, ugly, ugly.  I need a break. Fortunately I found it on Saturday with a Veteran’s Day program at our fairgrounds.  Many of the elementary schools had back-to-back concerts.  It was delightful.  I got there early so as to get a good seat … Continue reading Veteran’s Day Celebration

Living in the World of the Jetsons: FaceTime

Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Daniel Bell When I was a kid I watched the Jetsons religiously.  I remember even then loving the idea that George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy could video chat.  Well, four decades later FaceTime brought us into the world of the Jetsons. The best thing about FaceTime for me is being able to see Breezy, … Continue reading Living in the World of the Jetsons: FaceTime